Stacks are reusable blocks of code that are fundamental to how Rapidweaver functions. New stacks, fixes and updates to existing stacks are being released every week.

Unless there is an email notification or a post in a forum it is very difficult to keep track of when it is a good time to take a fix or an update.

I frequently perform the following process at the start of a working day:

  • Launch Rapidweaver.
  • Create a blank new stacks project (I always use the Foundation 6 theme by default but that is irrelevant). This process is theme agnostic.
  • At the bottom of the stacks library panel, click on the update icon that looks like 2 arrows circling each other.
  • This opens another panel where you can check whether any existing stacks have an update pending. This can take a few minutes to show the results depending on how many stacks you have installed. I very rarely skip an update. Of course there is a risk that the update may do harm rather than good but I can’t recall this ever being the case for me. I usually apply the updates one at a time as my experience is that sometimes clicking on “update all stacks” can cause Rapidweaver to crash.
  • Once the updates have completed, close the dummy project without saving it. Close Rapidweaver and reopen it and reopen whatever stacks project you are currently working on. This will reload all the stacks you have purchased including any updates.