There are so many things to remember to do when putting a website live. Usually I am migrating everything from a test site somewhere on my hosting package to my client's own hosting. Sometimes I am also effectively replacing a site that is already in existence with my version of the site, either on the existing hosting or on new hosting. 

So there are several different scenarios to consider but if I follow a checklist of items, most of these are common to a lot of scenarios and I can mentally tick them off as I go.

So here is my current 'Go Live' checklist: (it will undoubtedly change over time).

  • Migrate CMS files
  • Publish to new server
  • Check htaccess and notfound - test non WWW to WWW - disable dynamic caching in htaccess
  • Set force https
  • Add new TCMS licence code and re-publish and test changes work
  • Check any forms set up and test them in live.
  • Add SEO tags and structured data (local business) (add image)
  • Make sure that the Generate Social Tags is unchecked in General settings. Can't share to Facebook otherwise. 
  • Test rich data using
  • Use real favicon generator to create favicons and ftp to server, or use RW icon set (create a 180 square image in Logoist with a coloured background)   
  • Run website auditor and check each page for optimisation score.
  • Open in Chrome and use the Developers Lighthouse tool to check for any issues that need resolving.
  • Add Google analytics, cookie jar and Data Privacy Policy section.
  • Add to Google Search Console.
  • Add Sitemaps N.B. Set all pages to appear on the Sitemap as "Show in Navigation" in Rapidweaver.
  • Add to Bing Webmaster Tools.
  • Add a link from the Gallery page on websitesyork.