I have had several people ring me asking me if I can help them with their Wordpress sites, either because they are broken; in that images don't show where they should do, bits of code are floating about on a page, or they are very slow loading, or they can't format images correctly when they are loaded. In most of these cases the person who built the site in the first place is no longer available to support them.

I have to say to them I don't do Wordpress and sometimes I explain that I have heard (from a Wordpress expert) that:

a) Wordpress sites are easy to hack and 

b) Wordpress  needs regular maintenance updates to keep it running sweetly. 

These articles expand on these points in a bit more detail:



If they can locate the person that built the site for them then usually the best bet is to go back to them, bite the bullet and pay for a fix. 

The alternative is that I build them a replacement site in Rapidweaver using their text and image content, usually at a fraction of the price.