What are Progressive Web Apps and why should I be interested?

Progressive Web Apps or PWAs are a mobile-only development that allows a user to add your website to their Home screen on their phone or tablet and in doing so stores most of the static data needed on the user's actual phone. This enables the website to work offline as a stand-alone stored app with considerable speed benefits as very little data needs to be loaded from the web to access the app. Only incremental updates need to be accessed from the web to keep the app on your phone updated so you are not downloading the whole site every time you use it.

The PWA takes over the whole mobile/tablet screen as no browser search bar is required.

Updates to the website can still be made. It just takes a few more loadings of the web app to get them to show up in the app.

On all desktop devices, the website behaves as it normally would.

To test this out go to https://www.weddingvideographyyork.co.uk on your mobile or tablet and then 'save' it to your Home screen. When you next launch it you will see that it fills the screen and any pages that you have previously viewed can be viewed again without an internet connection as all the data has been stored on your device.