This looked interesting so I took a punt and purchased it a while back. Had to wait a couple of weeks for the first release but it's now here.

The software seems to be primarily designed to process a group of exposure bracketed images for example 3 images at 2ev steps or 5 at 1ev steps, whatever you have and construct a single high dynamic range image from them. Doing this you can get the detail from both the ground and the sky that could be missing if your camera exposes for just the sky say, or just the ground.

So I set off for the balloon fiesta in York with my A7R2 set to 3 exposure bracketing at 1ev steps and a tripod.

What I didn't appreciate was the movement of the balloons between each of the 3 shots would be apparent making this technique useless.

However using a single image exposure from the bracket set I was still able to get some interesting effects from Aurora HDR which I quite like and judging from the responses to my posts on Facebook other people find pleasing too.

So I'm definitely going to persevere with this software and technique, if only for subjects that are not in motion.